KESYA SCALP CARE – Ayurvedic Hair Wash


Extracts of Emblica officinale, Eclipta alba, Cynodon dactylon, Hibiscus rosasinensis and Aloe vera

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Kesya Scalp Care is a combination of selected herbs blended with the legendary zeal. The concept behind is age-old in hair care. In Kerala, people used to apply oil on the scalp and walk their way to the temple pond where they have their daily bath. On their way they would pluck leaves of certain herbs. The leaves plucked would then be ground well with a little water on the stone steps. This ground paste would then be applied to the scalp and the oil washed away. This paste was known as the THAALI. It is still in practice in remote villages in Kerala. We have tried to emulate this concept in our Kesya Scalp Care.


Apply sufficient quantity of Kesya Scalp Care on to the scalp and the hair and allow the product to work for ONE minute. Then wash away completely.

Kesya Scalp Care helps nourish the scalp well to develop good hair growth. Kesya Scalp Care also reduces hair fall. Kesya Scalp Care helps in protecting the scalp from Dandruff. Kesya Scalp Care leaves behind a free-flowing tangle-free smooth hair. Kesya Scalp Care an excellent scalp conditioner and toner. Manufacturer: K.S.Varier’s Ashtanga Ayurvedics (P) Ltd., established in 1936


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