Kesya Hair oil is a combination of selected herbs blended with the legendary Coconut oil and coconut milk. Coconut oil has been celebrated for hair growth since the Vedic era. Coconut milk is an excellent scalp conditioner and toner.

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Take sufficient quantity of oil and apply on the scalp massaging it gently with finger tips. Leave the oil to penetrate the skin on the scalp for about half hour. Wash away the oil from the scalp with Kesya Scalp Nourisher.

Kesya Hair oil helps nourish the scalp well to develop good hair growth. Kesya Hair oil also reduces hair fall. Kesya Hair oil helps in protecting the scalp from Dandruff. Kesya Hair oil leaves behind a free-flowing tangle-free smooth hair. Manufacturer: Kesya Hair oil is a product of 15 years of research from a traditional house of Ayurveda K.S.Varier’s Ashtanga Ayurvedics (P) Ltd. established in 1936.

Each 10ml is made out of:

  • Neelee-Indigofera tinctoria 2.0 g
  • Bringaraj-Eclipta alba
  • Doorva-Cynodon dactylon 2.5 g each
  • Vibhithaki-Terminalia bellirica 7.0g
  • Yashtimadhu-Glycirrhiza glabra
  • Amrasthi-Mangifera indica
  • Gunja-Abrus precatorius 0.25 g each
  • Karpoora-Cinnamomum camphora 0.005 g
  • Narikelathaila-Oil of Cocos nucifera 10 ml
  • Narikelaksheera-Milk of Cocos nucifera 40 ml

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