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Ashtangam is one of the oldest manufacturers of Ayurvedic Medicines in Tamil Nadu. Ayurveda has a lot to give to keep man healthy by way of its natural preparations that are more food-like that medicine-like. Ashtanga wishes to get into this area of Ayurvedic foods that can be a supplement to health.

Ashtanga plans a range of products developed out of its vast experience in Ayurveda, which shall be more acceptable to the modern times and adhering to the basic principles of Ayurveda. Ashtanga believes in the Science of Ayurveda and so is committed to spread the greatness of the Science all over the world. Quality is a way of life in Ashtanga and so its products shall be the best quality available in the industry. Ashtanga is also envisaging to enter into tie-ups for herbal research with some institutions promoting Biotechnology, in the future.

ASHTANGA has understood the wide requirement of natural remedies globally and hopes to rise to the situation in the shortest possible time.

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